About Crowdnote.

This service is a reponse to one problem: finding music for activities is difficult and time-consuming.

Music can currently be found by title, artist, musical genre, public playlists, etc. However, it's not yet labeled by dance genre or by any other musical activity it goes well with. Crowdnote centralizes categorizations of this nature for everyone to access and browse through.

Whether professional or hobbyist, people should spend more of their time doing, rather than searching. This site intends create a focused subset of music that makes its discovery more effective for the purpose of enhancing activities.

Tagged music discs

Search by Activity

Focus is on which activity and tempo you want. Titles, artists, and musical genres are irrelevant.

Hands holding discs

Driven by the Community

The site accepts songs from everybody, bringing together a diverse offering of music for each activity.

Voting on tagged disc

Quality Controlled by Users

Users vote on songs, collectively determining the quality of each song + activity combination.

The site is being developed and maintained by me, Ryan N Johnson. Regarding any questions or input you have about the Crowdnote service, I encourage you to email me whenever you like.

Enjoy your activities!

-Ryan N Johnson
Founder of Crowdnote